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    Tips to Prevent Fire Outbreak at Homes | Order For Solution

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    BE CAUTIOUS OF ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES AND POINTS People have to be safety-conscious by ensuring that they switch off all electrical appliances and points in their homes before they go out and in their offices when they close for the day. They should also ensure to unplug these appliances from the points to avoid surge breaks.
    Care must be taken to avoid overloading of electrical appliances on the same fuse and improper electrical installation in homes can be risky and can cause a fire outbreak.
    Contact a professional to fix intensive electrical jobs in your home while you can handle Small jobs, such as swapping out a light bulb.
    Do not try to cut cost by carrying out such works yourself. DO NOT STORE PETROL AND OTHER INFLAMMABLE MATERIALS AT HOMES Causes of fire outbreaks during the harmattan seasons have been traced to the hoarding of petrol in homes by Nigerians to beat perceived shortages during this season. Government at all level have warned against the storage of petrol and other inflammable materials like gas, wood, alcohol should also be put away from our homes, offices, shops that could aid fire outbreak. For those using generators, they should ensure their generators are not refuelled while working and the generators are to be kept outside to avoid flumes. BE CAUTIOUS WHILE COOKING Adequate care should be taken while cooking in the kitchen. You should always stay in the kitchen to keep an eye on what you are cooking. Don’t wander off to check your phone or anything else. Also, when cooking, don’t leave hand towels, curtains and other flammable items too close to flames. Pay attention to what you wear. Make sure your clothing is not loose. Keep it short and fitted to avoid setting your sleeve on fire. Gas cylinders are to be placed outside, far from the heat in the kitchen. Furthermore, endeavor to know the expiring date of your cooking gas cylinder. AVOID INCESSANT BUSH AND SOLID WASTE BURNING Bush and solid waste burning, especially in rural communities, have also been identified as major causes of fire outbreak at homes. As our environment becomes dusty and hazy with dryness to everything, including trees, wooden items, leaves and furniture, dry winds can escalate the fire out of proportion and consume the homes. People are hereby urged to be mindful of bush and solid waste burning during the harmattan period and ensure that the fires do not spread to nearby buildings or other property around. PUBLIC ENLIGHTENMENT Intensifying public enlightenment efforts to educate people on the dos and don’ts to avoid fire outbreaks during the harmattan period and intimate them on the dangers of careless handling of highly inflammable materials. Very importantly, children should not be allowed to play with matches or naked light and they are to be supervised while using firecrackers if they must use it. NEED FOR A FIRE EXTINGUSHER IN EVERY HOME People should ensure that they have fire extinguishers in their homes to put out fires if they ever have an incident to protect their lives and the lives of those around them. To avoid running around the house in a panic looking for a fire extinguisher, it is advisable to keep them in these essential places like the kitchen, near sources of heat, bedrooms, garage and workshop etc. TAKE INSURANCE COVER Nigerians are advised to embrace the culture of subscribing to insurance, indemnities that cover their homes and properties.

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