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2 Bedroom Flat

A Nice 2 Bedroom Condos - Located in a Nice & Serene Environment. Click on the Button below to check it out.

3 Bedroom Flat

A Nice 3 Bedroom Condos - Located in a Nice & Serene Environment. Click on the Button below to check it out.

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E's Seed is a property development and management company committed to quality and the timely delivery of projects. The firm’s homes are a distinctive combination of aesthetics and modesty.

Every real estate project is testament to attention to detail, form and function.Through its projects, E's Seed strives to play a central role in developing, nurturing, promoting and preserving the environment and society.

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E’s Seed limited, is a real estate firm. That is fully integrated into the business of construction, sales management of housing in and around the FCT, Lagos & Taraba, Nigeria.

Our company operates under the expertise of skilled workers and professionals in the fields of engineering, Architecture, entrepreneurship, human Resource and marketing. our professionalism offers you a unique housing experience in buy a landed property from us.

Frequently asked questions

We have lots of questions here solved.
1Who is E's Seed?
E's Seed is a branch of Skytick Group of Companies - which features and handles the investment and properties built by BuildChester. This serves as the portal for people who wants to apply for the scheme.
2What's in this Scheme?
Its a public housing Scheme, that is - a process whereby you get your dream house by paying on instalment through mortage.
3Which mortgage institutions do you use?
BuildChester Ltd. in conjunction with E's Seeds under the supervision of Skytick International Group signed in collaboration with the nation's most reputable mortgage agencies like Nigeria Police mortgage Bank, Nigeria Labour CONGRESS and many more.
4Who is this offer meant for?
Actually, its for everyone. But since the project is being backed by Nigeria police Force - so it was known to be for The police and General Public
5How can i apply?
Scroll to the top of the page and click on Apply now. Fill out the form to show interest. And come to our office to continue the processing.


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